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Counselling is a professional non-judgemental relationship where you can talk about difficulties, feelings or thoughts that may be overwhelming, distressing or stopping you from functioning. The counselling process seeks to help you to find deeper understanding and insight into your past or present ways of reacting and being.....

Relationships can be challenging; counselling is an impartial relationship aiming to help you when friends, family or your normal support may not be enough. You may feel stuck, have family issues, be battling depression, anxiety or just know that life could be better. Counselling helps make sense of the difficulties you are having.

I am trained to work in varied techniques,  working alongside you to make decisions and find an understanding of situations and yourself.

There is nothing too big or too small to bring to counselling but I understand looking for a counsellor can be a daunting thought. For some, life may have been difficult for a great while or it may be that recent events have left you overwhelmed; a professional listener can be a welcome step to change. It takes courage to make that first step so it is important that you find someone who you can trust.

If you think counselling could be for you email or message:

07955 389923

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