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As a humanistic practitioner I never underestimate the capacity for growth.

Whether it is support in gaining new perspectives, changing behaviours, thoughts or building self esteem and positive self image; our counselling relationship can help you to explore in a professional, safe and confidential setting .

I use an integrated approach which means I draw on a range of skills and theories to adapt counselling to your individual needs. These include Person Centred, CBT, Transactional analysis and Psychodynamic approaches.

Relationship and couples counselling and may involve tasks for you to do at home, where appropriate, offering a time to reflect or notice our ways of communicating or reacting within our partnership.

The Humanistic Person Centred approach is driven by the relationship rather than theory. I integrate this with skills and interventions that can adapt to your specific needs. An impartial professional listener can give you a sense of profound relief. Safe in the knowledge that you are not being judged, I can work alongside you to discover your own inner resources you may not have been able to access. My job is to facilitate your exploration and understanding to enable you to make the change you want to achieve.

Sometimes talking alone can seem too painful.Together we can discuss the use of techniques that can support your talking therapy.

These could include:

Writing, diagram or drawing exercises.

Stone or figurine work.

Visualisation, breathing and relaxation techniques. (I have a particular interest in somatics and the correlation between the body and mental health rooted in my earlier study of homoeopathy)

If you want to find out more email or message:

07955 389923

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