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New to counselling ?

Here are some of the questions I get asked by those new to therapy :

Do I have to commit to a certain amount of counselling ?

The short answer is no. If you would like to limit counselling to a particular time frame we can discuss together how this would work. You may like to leave things open ended with us agreeing together when to review. Working openly together towards this is a valuable part of the counselling process. You will probably know when you are ready to end counselling.

It is, however, important that we work collaboratively towards an ending with clear boundaries, agreeing in advance when we intend to end . 

What happens if I don't have anything to say ?

Sometimes silence or quiet can be safe and reassuring and allow processing. I will always respect your needs and together we can find ways for you to communicate if talking is too difficult. But don't worry about having to do all the talking as I will be actively listening, regularly checking out that I understand what you really want me to know.

What happens if I cry or feel worse ?

For some, talking through things can be painful. Change can feel uncomfortable at first. Let me reassure you that if this happens for you I am skilled at helping you leave the session in a safe state to face the rest of your day. Therapy provides a safe, non-judgemental space for you to be honest and a general sense of relief usually out weighs the moments of pain. The aim of therapy is to gain deeper understanding, personal awareness and insight leading to self acceptance. Usually the therapeutic process has a beginning, middle and end which we can review and track to get a sense of your overall well-being and achieving your goals.  

Will you tell any one?

Our working alliance is confidential. I am bound by law to keep brief notes and these records are unidentifiable, kept under lock and key separate to your personal details . As a member of the BACP I am bound to have regular supervision .This professional supervisor also works to the BACP Code of Ethics and Confidentiality . I would only break confidentiality if I believed you to be at risk of imminent harm and I would discuss this with you at the time.


I am registered member of the BACP .

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